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Our Services


Our Vision Is To Become The Foremost And Integrated Boutique Consulting And Coaching Company Delivering Bespoke Innovative Solutions Across Africa And Beyond

Strategy Consulting

We Support Clients to Craft Their Own Bespoke Strategies

Our Strategy Desk is the incubator of cutting-edge models that confers sustainable competitive advantage on our clients especially those in the Energy, Agriculture and Mining sectors.

We also infuse our work for clients with Capacity Development and setup of PM systems that assure self-sustenance.

Strategy. Execution. Project Management. Capacity Dev.

  • Concept-to-Revenue Strategies

    We evolve opportunity maturation strategies that translate business ideas into revenue and value.

  • Growth Strategies

    This focuses on developing strategies to grow/scale existing businesses in markets.

  • Strategy Execution

    We work with clients to operationalize their strategies to create a competitive advantage.

Executive Coaching

Our Bespoke coaching is focused on outcomes

Our Coaching Desk curate bespoke experiences for clients to deliver meaningful and measurable outcomes.

The unique approach employed and our trained+certified coaches make this journey of discovery, growth and wholeness an engaging and pleasant ride.

Insights. Mindsets. Skillset. Toolsets. Results
  • Life Coaching for Discovery+Mastery

    We empower our Clients with clarity to take control of their lives and careers with actionable plans & tools.

  • Executive Coaching for Results+Impact

    We work with Executives in business and nonprofits to deliver measurable value and results.

  • Hybrid Coaching for Integrated Wholeness

    We integrate the physical, emotional and spiritual domains of existence to unleash client wholeness

Technology Advisory

we create, deploy and support niche tech solutions

Our Technology Desk is focused on automation solutions for energy, mining and agricultural facilities to equip Clients with the tools to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

We also create digital platforms for sectors and clients to enable them scale seamlessly within and across markets.

Automation. Platforms. Security.

  • Automation of Facilities

    We deploy robust technology solutions to automate client facilities e.g. SCADA Systems.

  • Digital Platforms

    We design, build and launch digital platforms for the mission-critical operations of clients.

  • Security & Defence Systems

    Our security solutions combine online deterrence & offensive systems to effectively protect our clients.


We have Expertise & Experience

Our Multi-disciplinary Team comes with deep expertise in the various domains of consulting plus business experience too as practitioners

We Guarantee VALUE for Clients

We pledge to deliver measurable and meaningful value to our Clients regardless of the scope and scale of the assignment

We Co-create Bespoke Solutions

We work with Clients to innovate Bespoke Solutions that directly address high-impact business matters

We Execute as Certified PMs

As certified Program Managers, we execute on Client projects or transactions with predictable excellence and professionalism.